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basics  - some versions of the song mention a girl named rachel who was another student killed at the school. in an interview with the florida entertainment scene guitarist jared hartmann explained lead singer lacey mosley explains the song as having wriiten it after the shooting when she was in high school. she thought it was really cool she thought it was really cool they stood up for what they believed in because not many people stand up for what they believe in anymore. she said that not many people in america are faced with death for what they believe in.

what this song is about

this song is about cassie bernall a student at columbiane high school who was killed in the massacre that occured there. it was reported that her killer asked her if she believed in god and when she said yes she was killed with a gunshot straight to the head. later investigations revealed that the question do you believe in god was actually asked to valeen schnurr a student who survived the massacre by shooter dylan klebold.

my veiws on this song

well to be honest this is an amazing song and not at all what you expect to hear by a rock/heavy metal band as thier a christian band but not all thier songs are about god but this band is worth a listen if you like scream but not to much and you like some heacy meatl music and dont want to just listen to music on the radio about drinking or smoking or building a lego house or whatever most songs talk about these days.

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